Why Catholic Scouting is a great way to promote the value of service

The Scout slogan is “Do a Good Turn Daily!” and Catholic Scouting encourages young people to live this out in many ways.

Learning the value of serving others, their country and God is an important part of developing strong character and values in young people. Not only does learning the value of service benefit a young person’s parish, school and larger community, but it also helps young people develop empathy, responsibility, and leadership skills. Catholic Scouting is an excellent way to promote the value of service. Here’s why.


Catholic Scouting programs are grounded in strong values such as faith, service, and leadership. These values align with the values of Catholic schools and faith formation programs and can provide a foundation for promoting community service. By instilling these values in young people, Catholic Scouting programs can inspire them to give back to their communities.


Catholic Scouting programs encourage young people to engage in service projects that benefit their parish, school and larger community. By participating in these projects, young people can gain valuable experience in planning and executing community service initiatives. This experience can help them develop skills such as leadership, organization, and teamwork.


Catholic Scouting programs foster connections with other local service-oriented organizations. By participating in Catholic Scouting programs, young people can connect with these networks and find additional opportunities for service.


Catholic Scouting programs are led or facilitated by adult leaders who model strong character and values for young people. By interacting with these role models and learning from their example, young people can be inspired to give back to their parish, school and larger communities.

By instilling values, providing experience, connecting with networks, inspiring young people, and fostering community building, Catholic Scouting programs can help young people learn the value of serving others, their country and God.

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