Roman soldier. Christian. Martyr. Dragon slayer. Saint.

Ok…dragon slayer is a legend attached to St. George, but the other titles are part of the story of this young soldier, who is venerated for his bravery on the battlefield and for his defense of the faith.

St. George is the patron saint of Catholic Scouting and the inspiration for Catholic Scouting’s high adventure leadership program for older Catholic Scouts and Venture Crew members who are committed, in a serious way, to their faith. It’s also for Catholic Scouts who are serious about conquering the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in New Mexico.

Every two years, approximately 70 Scouts from dioceses across the country are selected for this 11-day challenge known as the St. George Trek. They are active Scouts and active Catholics. And they are discerning God’s plan for their lives.

Led by selected priests, religious, and seminarians from around the country, this team of hikers experience spirituality, faith, scripture and the sacraments in a spectacular setting. Friendships are formed, faith goes deep, feet get sore, and futures are prayerfully considered.

Before returning to Base Camp, Scouts make two commitments: to their ongoing discernment and to engagement in their home parish and diocese. Peer leadership among their fellow Scouts is also a beautiful by-product.

This one-time experience for Catholic youth has set a course for future priests and seminarians since the first trek in 1992.

Sign me up!

Click here for dates and details to apply for the 2022 St. George Trek.

Can girls go on the St. George Trek?

An all-female crew is also planned, pending sufficient registration. Spread the word, girls!


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