Engage Leadership and Charter the Unit

Who: The youth minister or parent interested in starting the unit

What/Why: The process to start a new unit is most easily guided by an experienced Catholic Scouting leader. When you contact your Arch/Diocesan or Eparchial chair (find contact information here: https://www.nccs- bsa.org/index.php/contacts), that person will connect you with an experienced Catholic Scouting leader in your area who can share information, help you overcome any challenges to setting up a unit and provide you with helpful advice to get you started.

Desired Outcome: The appointment of an experienced Catholic Scouting leader to help you get started. Resources: Find your Arch/Diocesan or Eparchial Chair: https://www.nccs-bsa.org/index.php/contacts

Who: The youth minister/parent interested in starting the unit and the experienced Catholic Scouting leader

What/Why: To provide parish/school leader(s) with an understanding of the formational youth ministry role that the Catholic Scouting program can play in the parish/school and discuss unit start-up procedures. Information about chartering the unit and guidelines for membership, adult leadership and unit program content should be discussed. Identification of an organizer at the parish/school who has the confidence of pastoral leadership and the ability to lead the process of establishing the unit.

Desired Outcome: Pastoral intent to proceed with chartering the unit confirmed and an organizer identified.

Who: The organizer and with support from the experienced Catholic Scouting leader

What/Why: The organizer contacts the local BSA Scout Council (find contact information here: https://www.scouting.org/about/local-council-locator/) to indicate intent to organize a new unit and shares relevant details, contact info, etc. Council leadership will assign BSA Scout Council representatives to be a resource to support the following steps. A BSA Scout Council training team will also be identified.

Desired Outcome: The identification of local BSA Scout Council representatives to help guide the establishment of the new unit and identification of members of the BSA Scout Council training team.

Resources: Find your local BSA Scout Council: https://www.scouting.org/about/local-council-locator/

Organize Your New Unit

Who: The organizer with support from the experienced Catholic Scouting leader and local BSA Scout Council representatives

What/Why: This small group drawn from your parish/school community will accomplish the important task of identifying unit leaders and obtaining parish/school leadership approval for them. The most critical leadership post to fill is that of the parish/school representative to the local BSA Scout Council. This organizing committee will also recruit the unit operating committee members.

Desired Outcome: Identification and approval of all required unit leaders and parish/school unit operating committee members.

Who: The BSA Scout Council training team will conduct all necessary training for the selected unit leaders

What/Why: Trained leaders are better prepared to provide an outstanding Catholic Scouting experience.

Desired Outcome: All unit leaders and committee members are fully trained before the unit begins operations. The organizing committee ends its work and the unit operating committee continues with the organizational process.

Who: The unit operating committee and unit leaders assisted by the BSA Scout Council representatives

What/Why: This 12-month program plan should include meeting dates, times, locations, summer activities, recruiting plans, service opportunities, BSA Scout Council activities and fundraising goals. This plan must also abide by any guidelines set by the parish/school or diocese/eparchy regarding youth activities.

Desired Outcome: A robust and realistic plan

Invite Families and Start Meeting

Who: Unit leaders

What/Why: Youth and their parents from the chartering parish/school and from the community are invited to join Catholic Scouting.

Desired Outcome: A group of excited youth and parents

Who: The organizer, the unit operating committee chair and the local BSA Scout Council representatives

What/Why: Review of required paperwork ensuring all applications and other paperwork have been correctly completed and submitted to the local BSA Scout Council service center for processing completes the establishment of the unit.

Desired Outcome: Catholic Scouting unit establishment

Who: All members of the new Catholic Scouting unit

What/Why: That is why we have done all the other steps.

Desired Outcome: Engaged Catholic Scouts and families!

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