Four ways Catholic Scouting adds value in Catholic Schools

Catholic Scouting is a time-honored tradition in many Catholic schools. Do you have an active Scouting presence at your school? If not consider how Catholic Scouting could help strengthen your Catholic school community!

  1. Catholic Scouting builds community by providing a way for young people to connect outside the classroom on projects and activities that complement what you teach in the classroom. Catholic Scouts have the opportunity to engage in Religious Activities and other projects that help them learn about the saints, about Catholic teaching and about the world around them.
  2. Catholic Scouting instills the value of service for the good of others. One of the three core pillars of Scouting is Duty to Others. Scouts engage in a variety of service projects from small to large in service of their parish, their school, their larger community and Scouting.
  3. Catholic Scouting reinforces young people’s connection with the Catholic faith and helps them form a personal relationship with Jesus. The first core pillar of Scouting is Duty to God. Scouts not only have the opportunity to engage in Religious Activities and earn patches – they also have the opportunity to participate in in-depth, months-long Religious Emblems programs to help them grow in their faith.
  4. Catholic Scouting helps young people with academics and extracurriculars. Ask a teacher with Scouts in the classroom who is first to step up to help, who is first to set a good example for other students and who has the self confidence to show they understand a concept or demonstrate how to perform an activity. Scouts have the confidence in themselves – and the respect for others – to be a leader in the classroom, on the court or field or on a robotics or other extracurricular team.

Catholic Scouting is proud to have a presence at NCEA2024 and to be a corporate partner with NCEA. 

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