For Parents

Boys and girls are welcome in Catholic Scouting, with some combined activities for younger scouts, in recognition of your family’s busy schedule. Older scouts engage in separate activities and adventures for boys and girls—like camping, exciting day trips and engaging service projects.

As parents or guardians, we want what is best for our kids—not just now but for the future. We want our kids to grow up to be good citizens and faithful Catholics.

Catholic Scouting is a time-honored—and fun—way to support your efforts to raise your children to become responsible, well-rounded adults.

Young people involved in Catholic Scouting have the opportunity to earn Religious Emblems and Religious Activity patches by completing faith-focused activities and projects.

Catholic Scouting is a great way to encourage your kids to put down their electronics and engage in real-life activities that develop a wide range of skills, strengthen their values and help them grow in their Catholic faith—while having a ton of fun!

There are Catholic Scouting units in parishes across the United States. You can find a Catholic Scouting unit near you by going to Just enter your zip code and look for a unit based at a Catholic parish or school near you.

Start a Catholic Scouting unit in your parish

Do you want to start a Catholic Scouting unit at your parish? Talk with your pastor, faith formation director or youth minister. Make sure to share this information about how Catholic Scouting aligns with Catholic youth ministry and can complement existing parish programs. See this step-by-step guide for starting a Pack, Troop or other unit at your parish.

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