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Want to find out more about how Catholic Scouting can be integrated into faith formation programming at your parish?

Engaging young people in faith formation and other parish ministries is more challenging than ever. Families are busy with sports and other activities. Kids are tempted to spend a lot of time online. But that may be changing. Many families are being drawn to what really matters. Our Catholic Faith. Time together as families. Connection, belonging and growing together through faith-filled, action-packed and values-based activitiesthat are also a lot of fun. Catholic Scouting offers all of this. It is a whole-family activity for boys and girls and it connects parents and kids in ways other activities do not. It can be a valuable complement to current faith formation programming for young people in your parish.

Catholic Scouting is Faith, Family and Adventure!

  • FAITH – Catholic Scouting is a great way to engage more young people and families at your parishand can become an integral part of your youth ministry program. It appeals to young people who may not normally see themselves in youth ministry.
  • FAMILY – Catholic Scouting is about belonging and growing together: maturing in faith, fostering citizenship, developing character, and building leadership skills in service of their parish, their larger community, their country and the Church.
  • ADVENTURE – Catholic Scouting is active: engaging young people’s desire to get out and explore, to prove their self-reliance in the outdoors and by tackling demanding projects in the context of faith-filled leadership.

See how Catholic Scouting aligns with your parish faith formation programming

The National Committee on Catholic Scouting (NCCS) has developed this at-a-glance guide  to show how Catholic Scouting aligns with your youth ministry goals and can be integrated into parish programming. You can dig deeper with comprehensive resources made available through NCCS.

Religious activities complement your parish faith formation efforts

We’ve highlighted some of the most popular Catholic Scouting Religious Emblems and Activities. There are five Religious Emblems and more than 50 Religious Activities available for Scouts at all levels to earn. We invite you to visit the NCCS website for more indepth information about Religious Emblems and Activities. 

Start a Catholic Scouting unit in your parish

This step-by-step guide outlines how to start a Cub Scout Pack or Scout Troop in your parish. Catholic Scouting leverages all of the time-tested resources of the Boy Scouts of America and pairs them with solid religious programming. You don’t need to start from scratch. You can implement a faith-based program with rich and engaging activities by following in the footsteps of leaders in thousands of parishes across the country.


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