Catholic Scouting programs: a best kept secret

Are you looking for a fun, active and family-oriented activity for kids in your Catholic school or parish faith formation classes? Look no further than Catholic Scouting! Catholic Scouting brings together the time-honored values, adventure and fun of Boy Scouts of America (BSA) programs with activities and in-depth programs that help young people explore and grow in the Catholic faith.

Catholic Scouting has been an official program of the Catholic Church in the United States for more than 100 years. It’s the only Scouting program in the U.S. that is affiliated with both the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the BSA. Catholic Scouting welcomes boys and girls starting in kindergarten and features whole family activities.

Didn’t know about Catholic Scouting programming? You’re not alone – but we’re hoping that will change when more Catholic educators learn about all Catholic Scouting has to offer!

Here’s what two Catholic school teachers had to say:

“As an Eighth Grade teacher I am excited to learn about this opportunity to use the Scouting program’s resources with my students as I prepare them for the Sacrament of Confirmation and also prepare them for leadership opportunities as they move on to high school. Our young people need these resources to help them be better decision makers and make good choices. The connection between the Catholic schools and Scouting values seems to be a great fit and a great help to all of our teachers in Catholic schools as they try to teach Catholic moral values and have a positive impact on their students.”

-Peggy Butler – Eighth Grade Teacher, Blessed Sacrament Catholic School, Belleville, Illinois

“I completely support anything related to Scouting as I have seen the growth in virtue and integrity it produces. I am thrilled to hear about the Catholic focus…to me that is a natural partnership! I am so glad to hear that awareness is being raised about this wonderful opportunity to pair scouting with Catholic virtuous living. They have the same moral foundation in my opinion!”

-Kevin Scroggins – Second Grade Teacher, St. Odilia Catholic School, Shoreview, Minnesota

Catholic Scouting complements the lessons your parish and school educators teach in the classroom, including through:

  • A broad range of Religious Activities about Catholic saints, Marian devotion, and other aspects of the faith
  • Religious Emblems programs, designed to help young people engage and grow in the Catholic faith
  • Projects that help young people learn about the value of volunteering and leadership in service of others

Find out more about why Catholic Scouting is a great opportunity for your students and school and parish families!

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